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The Freedom and Socialist Party’s Blatant Hypocrisy

The far-left Freedom Socialists Party (ironic…Freedom and socialism?) are acting up again. These freaks are pushing for an increase in the minimum wage to, ready for this, $20 an hour!

Although these fools are shouting for a “living wage”, they seem to contradict themselves in the process. According to, the Freedom Socialists Party is looking to hire a computer programmer for $13 an hour.

Hypocrisy… to the highest degree.

The Freedom Socialist Party, who supports the Marxist idea of a “workers revolution”, which is often times violent, are also advocates for “Socialist Feminism” and “Union Democracy”. The ultimate kicker here is that the Party is pushing for a minimum wage that even they can’t pay.

A common flaw in all socialist arguments, and even with Marx himself, was the hasty generalization that all business owners are “greedy” capitalists who hoard their money and “exploit” their workers.

Most businesses in the United States are small businesses. Up to 89.8% of businesses have less than 20 employees which are mostly middle class families running local stores. Marx’s stereotype that capitalists are “greedy” and “lazy” goes nowhere when considering that local businesses contribute job opportunities, income and security to communities and families in a free market. The minimum wage, when instituted, actually hurts business owners. It hikes up the costs to employers and destroys the worker-employer relationship.

The people pushing for a “living wage” (that’s subjective by the way) are the same people who acknowledge that they can’t afford to pay the very wage they want to institute. Instead, let the market decide wages for entry-level jobs, allow for free people to negotiate, and respect man’s right to enter not a contract with his employer voluntarily.

Socialism…how is this still a thing?

About Vito Palmeri

Vito Palmeri is host of The Vito and Vito Show heard on WAARadio. As a young college conservative living in New York City, Vito is constantly defending the principles of individualism and liberty in a town dominated by progressive group think. Check out for more on how Vito copes with it all!

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