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The Gods Must be Crazy: Homosexual-O-Care

A strange contradictory thing happened on this great day of destigmatization of homosexuality, and it is the corresponding stigmatization of Christians and all kinds of sufferers of mental “diseases.” Not only did Christians take a hit being labeled “haters” in need of treatment, but labels of “paranoid”, “nut”, “phobic” and such are being hurled left and right. It seems government has chosen which souls to steal and which marriage to favor and protect spiritually speaking.

Now, in Buschmann culture (South Africa) as seen in the movie of The Gods Must Be Crazy, people do not have mental illnesses, but simply have personal gods and spirits. Indian tribes function the same way, so do South American shamans, and ancient Greece had also many gods, some of which fought each other. For them, when a godless dude throws a coke bottle from an airplane nearly killing them (and possessing them through this object like a Greek love spell written on pottery yielding all kinds of dramas and adventures before being finally ousted), he is not crazy per say, it is a new form of spirituality. Atheism to “them” (or rather to most of the world) is a worship of a god who is not a god (to quote Tobie Nathan).

An Unpublished Magic Spell from Late Antiquity
An Unpublished Magic Spell from Late Antiquity

It is fine for the “crazy” white men to fall in love through objects with products their gods invent, but not for the balance of the Buschmann, so they render back to this god what is his and they throw the bottle off a cliff vowing to live separate but polite lives. However we see how in places like South America it can create problems where some Indians leave their tribe and join the two rude or hegemonic spirits of the world, which is capitalist greed and soulless proletarianizing communism. There they start digging gold mines, imposing their coke bottles and economies , and they push out these people, even enslaving them and prostituting them by force, furthering the proletarianization of their lives – removing souls and exploiting bodies, and sending them to mental hospitals or institutions (where they are drugged and converted by force) if they do not behave according to the norms. Isn’t it what Obama and Hillary are advocating through Change?

What Obama and Hillary intend to do with this current ruling of freeing gays into their spirituality instead of having them stuck with a stigma of mental disease might seem noble, except it is highly hypocritical. Democrats were into slavery and the Clintons have a notoriety with prostitution gangs. So the very gays they exploited in their cult, orienting their energies to provide sex, proletariazed, they now claim they are their saviors! Same with the autistics. A ton of research is ongoing about the autistic, how one could harness their incredible Rain Man like intelligence and sensitivity to produce works of industry and arts for greedy capitalists and power-hungry communists.

Now, autistic societies, like the homosexuals, have striven for gaining peace too, to forgo harmful psychiatric treatments seeking to change them, and instead letting them live with their spirits and “psychotic” episodes. I know this because a friend of mine had his daughter recently persecuted in public school for being rebellious, inviting the wrath of the gods of modern conformance. And despite the obvious abuse this child received, great money and political powers protected the names of the perpetrators of this abuse during this secret lawsuit – all too typical of family and custody court shenanigans.

So, basically, if as an autistic you do not work your genius for them and instead for yourself, you pretty much are labeled psychotic by the courts, money powers, even some “churches”, and you get incarcerated in institutions and given medications. Other gifted people will also be labeled as having disorders, such as ADD, depression etc.image

So, just as homosexuality is dropped from being a mental stigma and its gods rehonored, all kinds of new disorders and new genders have been all of a sudden popping up on the list of official mental “diseases”. But they are not diseases, they are spells, ie love forced on another under penalty of sickness or worse. And when a person with a certain disorder or of a certain tribe or religion throws away the proverbial coke bottle containing the spell off the cliff – bottle the homosexuals embraced (because they get sick if they do not serve their gods and do not love, as Greek like magic spells entice them on food products they ingest), it upsets the homosexuals, and it upsets the powers who want to force everybody to embrace the coke bottle, its lucrative magic and powers!

So, there you go, if you are a Chistian and are labeled homophobe, coke bottle hater or backward Neanderthal, remember that they not only attack Christians, but also those who fear spiders or modernity – and old tribal peaceful traditions with your favorite gods can take a hike. And there will be hell to pay if you do not worship this god which lays claims to globalist peace between gods, because no longer will you gain status for your spirituality, the courts will label you crazy, paranoid and they will exercise all their wrath and greedy political hatred agitating the village in order to kill your rightful inheritance your gift endow you, even motivating jealousy of atheists or muslims against Chistians and homosexuals.

Granted Christian missions have done harm in the past and created tensions, but unlike arrogant government, a Christian will admit he too is sinful and possessed if he is honest, linking up with other gods and tribes. It does not work that way, however, under the current Obama-Hillary paradigm which seeks to change your belief, to exorcise you to great pain and harm, and instead put their cult of personality and objects in your families. The Clinton charities who are now submitted to Hillary “crazy” talk are adamant that they will get their sway.

So, was the Scotus ruling a good thing? You think it is if you are homosexual, but it is not. Obamacare has empowered them, your emotions have empowered them, and the labeling of words like hate or paranoia is going to throw you right back into the incarceral institution you just thought you escaped, just like happened to American Indians of old, Jimmy P., mistreated as Veterans at the VA. You are letting them with the power to label you “fluffy” one day and put you away, and they already have, given the Clinton track record in prostitution gangs. Pedophilia and crucifying christians are mere details, the whole deception and molestation of other gods is an extremely dangerous war mongering behavior. Civil war and Nuclear War with competitors to global peace credit are clearly in the empowered offering now, a stable America now destabilized by unfettered power of government without checks. 

Tell us, are you going to live in apathy or take your country back? Tell us what you think


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