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The Great One Mark Levin lays into Boehner, McConnell and gives them advice you need to hear!

It is time for younger, wiser, and more courageous Republican leadership — constitutional conservatives who understand the role of a statesman in perilous times — who are willing to truly lead the nation and the Republican Party based on America’s enlightened principles, advance the cause of liberty and republican government, and make the case everyday to the American people.

Check out what the Great One Radio Show Host Mark Levin said during one of his segments:

I want to remind you that Mitch McConnell delivered this deal to Barack Obama, too. What’s going on now for the next sixty days is all well and good.

“But, the requirement that 67 senators or two-thirds of the senators present during the debate, that two thirds of the Senators present, that’s what the Constitution says, have to vote to ratify a treaty. The fact that that’s been written out of the Constitution for these purposes, the fact that now they have to have a veto-proof Senate and House, which means two-thirds of the Senate and House have to vote against the deal.

Mitch McConnell delivered that to Obama. John Boehner delivered that to Obama. Mitch McConnell delivered the phony trade deal to Obama. Boehner delivered the phony trade deal to Obama.

Boehner delivered, excuse me, not yet. McConnell delivered the Export-Import Bank to Obama. McConnell took the power of the purse off the table. Boehner took the power of the purse off the table.

These men are a disgrace. They’re endangering this country. It’s not Obama alone. It’s the Republican phony leaders in the House and the Senate, too.”

Listen to him via this audio clip:

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H/T – CNS News, Mark Levin Show

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