The Intolerant PC Police

When it comes to the PC police, I tend to lose patience. The same goes for those preaching tolerance but make no effort to actually extend it to others. Case in point: Atheists getting all worked up over an entity they claim not to believe in. This video sums up the sentiment perfectly. (h/t Western Journalism)

You really can’t argue with that can you? I’m sure some might try, but hopefully reason will enter the argument at some point. My thing is, I don’t attempt to hinder an atheist’s lack of belief, why try to hinder my right to believe and worship as I chose?

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Granted, those on “our side” tend to lose touch with reality from time to time as well. Most recently, Bill O’Reilly. We actually had this discussion during one of our recent Wayne Dupree Show Spreecast episodes. Some of the hosts on Fox I can tolerate and actually enjoy, but Bill has become one of those on the opposite side of that spectrum. He recently had a discussion with Laura Ingraham regarding an atheist group in Wisconsin protesting an Easter display. The group put this sign on display in the capitol.



As noted by The Daily Banter, the sign is bent because someone tried to destroy it. I find this utterly ridiculous. As much as we have a right to express our beliefs, this group has the right to express the lack of theirs. Damaging the sign only adds fuel to the fire that we are intolerant of the beliefs of others. Extremists suck, on both sides of the aisle and impede logical and productive dialogue. Don’t be one of those people.

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