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The left will kill the republic and here’s how

All is FluxDemocrats are in love with flux. You see, flux is a state of constant, easy change. Now, never you mind, don’t let’s fret that democrats are setting us up for a world of constant change and flux.

When you want to fundamentally transform something quickly, you will probably want to be in a state of flux, especially when that something has built into it a series of checks and balances, starting with a “Rule of Law” document and reflected in the very way our government was created, with three competing branches.

Like the Islamists in Egypt who supported free elections after Mubarak was ousted, so to do the democrats support free elections and open standards, standards which would allow for the three branches of government to consolidated to one, the Executive, and would allow our Constitution, which requires some pretty dramatic action to be changed, to become a ‘living document’ as opposed to a document that fixes hard rules, rules that set boundaries for government, the state, the necessary tool of the progressive Utopian.

Positive Rights, the switch from Liberty to State Utopianism
Positive Rights, the switch from Liberty to State Utopianism

The plan is to create a wonderful state of flux that breaks down those barriers to progressive change, barriers like the three branches of government competing against one another (checks and balances), and barriers like the difficult-to-change Constitution (Rule of Law).

All of these natural barriers to centralizing power and re-creating the Rule of Man are being conveniently destroyed to enable the rise of the Progressive Popes, who, after they have consolidated power and destroyed the Republic once and for all, will close shut the door of flux and introduce the infallibility of the “State”, led, as it is, by the irrefutable, never wrong ‘science’ which will conveniently ‘prove’ all the values and beliefs the progressive leadership wants it to prove.

Replace God with Science, and Pope Innocent III would be at home in the American Progressive Party.
Replace God with Science, and Pope Innocent III would be at home in the American Progressive Party.

There will still be flux, but flux that is guided and manipulated by the never-changing leadership our progressive masters will handpick for us. Like the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, after they win the total war, the days of liberty will be done.

All is flux, at least until the left kills the republic.

Is this the secret weapon of the left that will kill the republic or is there something even more deadly? How do we combat the flux capacitor of the left? Be sure to share, like and tweet below.

Paul Gordon Collier is the Co-Founder and current Editor of and

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