Supreme Court Ruled In Favor Of Religious Freedom

The Left’s Argument Against #HobbyLobby is Invalid

So the Supreme Court rules in favor of religious freedom and those on the Left go nuts? Were they looking for permission, because they’ve never really asked before. And with such unintelligible attacks, one really has to ponder what they think they’re trying to achieve.

Even if they are trying to just throw it in your face, they need to head back to class and study up a little. Their argument is invalid! You know, kind of like you have to read it to find out what’s in it? That same principle applies here. If only they knew what was at play.

It’s not about the well-being of a woman. This isn’t a war on women. It’s about religious freedom. It’s about placing responsibility on the person(s) performing the act, instead of putting the burden on a third party. That third party being your employer.

It’s not an employer’s responsibility to pay for your actions. Only the person who committed the act should be held accountable. It’s like putting your boss in jail because you went out and killed your neighbor. It just doesn’t make sense.

Because, when you boil down the Supreme Court decision on Burwell v Hobby Lobby, it’s a matter of life or death. This is where the Left’s argument falls apart. The companies and corporations that were part of this case believe that life begins at the moment of conception. It’s not about Hobby Lobby paying for contraceptives. It’s the fact that they were forced, against their religious morals and convictions, to pay for emergency contraceptives.


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