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The Media Is A Despicable Propaganda Machine For Hillary Clinton; We’re Watching You!

I was listening to the major media diarrhea rants for hours the other day, and they were grasping for anything they could to make Donald Trump look like he abused women. Two women were misquoted and later they were interviewed on Sean Hannity, angry and sticking up for Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was talking about her plans for Bill Clinton, if she gets elected and the media said nothing about his behavior or the fact that he was impeached for ethics. What a despicable propaganda machine the media has come to be.

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell just publicly said Bill Clinton’s rape allegations were discredited. The American public that remembers these incidents, these stories want to know when that happened.

Sure this was Bill Clinton, but Hillary was right there. She knew her husband, and she turned a blind eye to these women and made them out to be the enemies while her husband continued.

Even if Hillary was competent which she has shown not to be, with the tens of millions the Clinton’s have made giving $3000 dinners, attended by the elite from all over the world, do we want someone in office who will owe a favor to people like the Saudi family at a critical time?

This should not come as a surprise Hillary has a long record of poor judgement. Her campaign has been based on “vote for me because I am women” rather than vote for me because I actually know what I am doing, a lot of folks are doing a lot of mental gymnastics to claim this is not the case but hey in politics like everything else you play the cards you have. Sure this resonates with a lot of people (mostly female but I think it’s fair to say a lot of individuals, in general, want a different type of politics and leader) but it also turns a lot of individuals away.

Remember Chris Matthews back in 2008?

Why don’t you see this video on websites? I know Matthews was pulling for Obama then, and he was disturbed after Hillary had cried her way to the New Hampshire victory, but this is that same, Hillary Clinton.

There is still the underlying feeling that she is just very entitled which originally cost her the nomination against that upstart Obama this time she had a clear run to the nomination (Sanders did well but never stood a chance) but will she be able to carry a general election when her opponents (both political and in the media) will always remind everyone about her links to Wallstreet and long record of terrible decisions which most recently see her under criminal investigation for espionage and cost the lives of four people in Benghazi.

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