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The Media Selling You A Failed Secretary of State; Are You Watching?

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton sold out her office at The State Department to the highest bidder. She took 20 million dollars from 20 people to pad her Clinton Foundation.

“What difference does it make?” she would say.

The mainstream media knows Hillary is not a good candidate, better yet, they know she is one of the worst candidates ever produced by any party. They walked away from her in 2008 and labeled her husband as racist for using alleged innuendos about Barack Obama.

They discredited her to push Obama into the spotlight and now they are all behind her? Give me a break.

From NY Post:

Her failures go beyond leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, the ridiculous Russian “reset” and the carnage in Syria that she and President Obama idly watched unfold — and that gets more horrific daily.

A string of investigative reports from the Obama administration shows that she botched key management jobs as secretary of state, threatening American lives and our diplomatic secrets.

Clinton’s State Department repeatedly rebuffed requests for additional security for the vulnerable compound in Benghazi, Libya. The result? Heavily armed terrorists were able to storm the compound and kill Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

But Benghazi wasn’t an isolated case. Clinton failed to secure diplomatic posts in Pakistan, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and other global hot spots. Internal State Department reports show the posts lacked emergency plans in case of attack. Guards assigned to them had no training in chemical or biological threats and, amazingly, some hadn’t undergone background checks.

Clinton tried to weasel out of taking the blame for Benghazi, testifying to Congress that she wasn’t personally involved in embassy security. But emails later revealed that was false.

Investigators also point to Clinton’s total neglect of cyber security. The Bush administration — reeling from the attack on the World Trade Center — had made it a top priority to protect information flow among embassies, the CIA and the FBI.

But Clinton dropped the ball, creating what the department’s inspector general called “undue risk in the management of information.”

Hillary Clinton: I’ve Always Tried To Tell The Truth, Always! [VIDEO]

Hillary must think that the American public is either dumb or we are stupid to believe her lies! She wants the American people to believe she did not take money from these foreign governments for any special favors! Really? Hillary wants us to believe that these foreign governments that gave the Clinton Foundation millions and tens of thousands millions of dollars were just to have their picture taken with her or to have a handshake with her when she was Secretary of State.

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How in God’s name can anyone who cares about our country and our freedom trust this woman to run our country? How can you vote for someone so corrupt and dishonest? Hillary has and will continue to sell out our country to the ones willing to pay to play.

The only ones that benefit from all this are Bill and Hillary? Do you understand what it would mean for and your family if Hillary wins? There has been so much corruption in our government, isn’t it time to end it? Wake up America!

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Gives Economic Address In New York

The dumbing down of America has been going for a while now. It’s called social engineering. Take away God, destroy the family unit, remove guns from law-abiding citizens, take away our jobs and offer food stamps, create government health care, and brainwash our children through education, video games and TVs and movies. We are almost there.

Hillary Clinton failed as Secretary of State, and she will fail as president. America do not vote for this woman!

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