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The OBama doctrine a sign of things to come

The Obama doctrine is to hate the rich and destroy the middle class. His idea of fair is placing everyone on government dependency unless you are part of his chosen few. This way of thinking isn’t new. European countries have been in this mindset for decades.

France is a country that shares President Obama’s convictions. Their treatment toward the affluent is the blue print Mr. Obama would like to follow. In December of last year, France’ President Francois Hollande imposed a 75 percent tax on companies and the French courts approved a 66 percent maximum tax on individual millionaires.

In response to these outrageous taxes, CEOs are choosing to move their companies out of the country in a mass exodus. Individual millionaires are selling their real estate and giving up their French citizenship.

Is this the future that awaits the United States? Watch the video above:

About Michael Dozier

Dr Dozier is a reporter for the Examiner and is a conservative host and political analyst for RANT2014.COM. He recently joined the NewsNinja Team on the Wayne Dupree Show in March 2014. He works with Start-EMS in humanitarian aid missions in Africa, Asia, the Balkans and America. He has advanced studies in Homeland Security, Risk Analysis,Emergency Management,Disaster Preparedness Dr Dozier served as one of the Commissioners on Disability and Chairman of the Board, and Director of Health and Human Services for the Homeland Security Foundation of America. He works with politicians and government agencies worldwide and is a registered lobbyist in the United States.

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