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The Occult: Changing Meaning of Words Worse than Soviet Invasion?

In the words of JR Nyquist, the rule in nations like China or Russia is particularly vicious, but the Supreme Court’s dive into the occult, where words have lost meanings and empty Obama “magic” rhetorics (eg. “defeating ISIS with ideas and not weapons” as the only solution to submit to) become accepted language of the “Competent One Opinion Maker”, makes one consider the utter sanity of the country as a whole, as if dragging itself naked and drunk in a winter wilderness vowing like a cross between Don Quixote and Hitler that nature and the elements have no meaning. image

 …enemies of America can see this. They revel in it, even though their own societies are riddled with perversion. The Russians were the first to be victimized by insane leaders. Lenin and Stalin were psychopaths who modeled the Russian state on their own mental disturbance. But Americans were never ruled by Lenin or Stalin. So what is our excuse? How have we come to something that is worse than Leninism or Stalinism? For the dictator’s wickedness is something we can relate to. It is an old story, going back to the Caesars. But an evil that inverts reality, that violates language and mocks foundational concepts, is not an evil that can be understood in the same way. Here is a spiritual perversion that brings us to the doorstep of the occult; to something unseen, to something connected with the black arts.

He could have quoted Carl Sagan’s predictions in Demon Haunted World, where quack psychics get more funding from adoring crowds paying to worship their fraud, while a scientist is never given time of the day. These events usually resulted, to Sagan’s horror, in crowds attacking said scientist who spoiled the show, breaking their dream by denouncing the fraud using science. Specifically Sagan did not attack the cults themselves, but how these cults attempted to make false interpretations and translations of events or phenomena in most poor fashion. What else did the Supreme Court do other than ill translate the law? That the Supremes are for inclusion of gays is one thing, but to falsify interpretations is like asking an English only speaker to invent meanings for Chinese characters and teach through “Common Core” the Chinese what these characters mean. And this is the danger of progressist ignorance of history and symbology: instead of going through the effort and steps to legitimize their views, they invent stuff on the go and kill the method altogether.image

Last but not least, how do you figure an enemy spy and terrorist is going to avoid prison or scrutiny while living in the US? He simply needs to turn the table on the spy-catchers, make them enemies of their own crazy driven nation, so that the spy can now denounce the spy-catcher to authorities in the same way the spy intially was liable to get caught himself originally. Soon members of ISIS or other enemy nations will be given means to get everyday Americans in prison, denouncing them in the traditional kapo leftist activism. Since words will be meaningless, terror acts will be rationalized as acts of care, and “one man’s terrorist” will be a helper in a suicide for another.

Like Sagan, you might have to choose one day between Science (or Sagan as a caring father figure) and the hordes of lunatics dancing naked in the street imposing love, pride and fraud. Tell us if you are getting ready to face everyday from here on out potential prosecution for anything you say or if you have prepared for it?

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