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AngelR’s Opposing View: Supporting Kim Davis’ Arrest! WHAT?

You read that right ladies and gentlemen; I support her arrest. Allow me a moment to explain this to you.

Kim Davis is a public servant. She works a job that is paid for by tax dollars. We can agree on that I believe. With that being said, then it stands to reason that Mrs. Davis cannot impose her religious views on her “clients.”

If this was a private company, then my view would be in line with most of yours. However, the simple fact that she works for the Government entirely changes things for me.

Can a cop refuse to help someone if they are gay?

Can an EMT worker refuse to save a life because they are black?

The answer to both questions is no, because they work for us. The same as politicians do, though it often appears that they need to be reminded.

This case is very simple, there is no “war on Christianity” happening in this scenario. All that there is to it is that she is a government employee, and she cannot impose her religious views on the public. That’s all this is about, and that’s why I support her being arrested.

Mind you, I have not brought up any of her personal affairs, because her hypocrisy is not relevant to this matter.

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