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Secret VA Waiting List - Scandal or Not?

The Real Impact of the VA Scandal

Recent communication shows that the Obama administration knew about the problems with the Veterans Administration during the transition from Bush to himself. There was a warning from the Bush team that there were possible problems, and it was suggested that it be investigated.

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During the time since, those veterans seeking medical help were brushed aside and placed on secret waiting lists that would only later afford them the chance at making the actual waiting list. Sadly, the actual wait time was, and still is in some places over a year!

This should be a warning as to what we can expect with Obamacare. Veterans are forced to go the their local VA Hospital to receive necessary care, and in an overloaded system of backlog and bureaucracy they are placed on long waiting lists. It’s just a shame that they can’t go to any hospital, or walk-in clinic to get the help they need.

But, aside from the mass of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans that seek help, add on top of that the still ever large amount of Vietnam veterans. It’s no secret that they have received less than adequate help over the years, and yet we are doing the same thing over again.

For instance, here in Kansas City there are two veterans from two different wars who have been on the receiving end of this system. And, for the sake of anonymity their names will be changed.

Let’s start with ‘Bob.’ Bob is a real close friend who is a Vietnam Veteran that suffers from PTSD and other physical and emotional damages related to his time in service. All of his damages are related to his time in Vietnam. Bob has kept an extensive record of his journey from enlistment in the Army, all the way up until present day chronicling his struggles to get help. It has taken Bob many, many years to finally get the help he is currently getting.

Now, let’s take a look at ‘Johnny.’ Johnny is a veteran of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Johnny doesn’t have near the amount of problems that our friend Bob has, but the are significant enough to have been labeled disabled to some degree. Johnny and Bob both face the same problem, they both have to go to the VA. Like Bob, Johnny has spent the past few years tirelessly working to ensure that he either gets seen or receives his much needed assistance/benefits.

Neither one of their stories or similarities end there. Both Bob and Johnny work to help raise awareness for others that find themselves in the same predicament.

You see, these two individuals and stories are real. Nevermind the fact that their names have been changed, this article is meant to shed light that this VA scandal is real. It is hurting good, honest American Patriots. These men and women affected were willing to put themselves in harms way and risk everything. Yet Obama, his administration and the Veterans Administration have brushed their duties off for many years.

If you have a similar story to share, or a personal experience please do so below in the comments section. Also, please help raise more awareness and share this with your friends and family.

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