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The Sons Of Anarchy Returns (sort of)

One of the top TV shows on cable is returning with a twist. Gone are the popular Jax Teller, his mom and stepdad Gemma and Clay as they are dead in the series. Now the Sons Of Anarchy are branching off to give you the story of the Mayans MC.

This could be a hit from the jump if the fans accept it. From what I read at the Inquisitr, you might see some characters from the original cast crossover, but there’s nothing set in stone.

From The Inquisitr:

According to Comic Book, Mayans MC will take place after the events in Sons of Anarchy. Sadly, this means that Charlie Hunnam will not be reprising his role as bad boy Jax Teller, who died at the end of Season 7.

The plot synopsis reads: “Mayans MC is set in a post Jax Teller world, where EZ Reyes, a prospect in the Mayan MC charter on the Cali/Mexi border, struggles with his desire for vengeance against the cartel, and his need for respect from the women he loves.”

While it will be great to dive into a whole different biker world with EZ Reyes, fans are undoubtedly disappointed that Hunnam will not be involved in the project. Even more, it doesn’t sound like there will be a lot of opportunities to see original characters from Sons of Anarchy, at least not yet.

According to Slash Film, Sutter hired James because of his unique connection to Latin gangs. James is known for his work on the movie Little Birds. Prior to directing movies, James spent years as part of a multi-racial gang and even spent time in prison for federal extortion.

“I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice. Because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice,” Sutter said after hiring James.

I am excited about this. I always wanted to know more about the Mayans, their families, and culture. I think it will be great to get a different perspective and Kurt Sutter is a freaking genius when it comes to creating real characters with flaws.

I was hoping for a prequel as it had been hinted a few months ago. We shall see what comes from that.

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