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A special election is being held for the District 13 Congressional district to fill the seat of longtime U.S. Rep C.W. Bill Young who died Oct. 18. Even though Rep Young was a Republican, this district voted for Obama twice. The District includes Pinellas county and the city of St. Petersburg and leans democrat now.


So lets begin with the Democrat candidate, Alex Sink. Don’t let the name fool you, Alex is female. Sink is a former FL CFO and Gubernatorial candidate who lost to current Governor Rick Scott. But in district 13, Sink beat Scott by 2 percentage points. Alex was married to the late Bill McBride, another former gubernatorial candidate. Starting to see the picture here? Alex Sink is another one of those people that believe it’s their birth rite to be in political office. On a positive note, Sink has plenty of baggage. She is on record as supporting Obamacare, and the stimulus bill. Also, Sink as FL CFO lost 24 billion in pension funds making risky investments. Alex is a former executive with Bank of America and was hammered for her involvement with the housing crisis by opponents.


As for the Republicans, there will be a primary Jan.14 and the candidates are Kathleen Peters, David Jolly and Mark Bircher. Peters is a state Rep. Jolly is a congressional aide. Bircher is a retired brigadier general in the Marine Corps Reserve. The establishment is clearly behind Jolly. Beverly Young(wife of the late Bill young) has endorsed Jolly. Not everyone in the Young clan is backing him. In fact, the notable group of Pinellas County Republicans standing behind Peters today included Billy Young, the late Congressman’s son. Although she voted mostly along conservative party lines in her first year in Tallahassee (The Koch Brothers’ led Americans For Prosperity group gave her an 88 percent ranking, the NRA 92 percent), Peters campaigned as a moderate in last year’s contest.


Unfortunately, Bircher doesn’t seem to be on the radar.



Mr. Bircher paid the $10,400 filing fee out of his own pocket. Mark Bircher graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Class of 1976. From 1985 to 1988 he was a member of the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron “Blue Angels” flying the A-4 Skyhawk and F/A-18 Hornet. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for outstandingly meritorious service.


The latest polls show Jolly up by 22 points over Peters, but also shows both will be an underdog to Alex Sink. The last thing the GOP wanted was a bloody primary, But that’s what is likely to happen. But it gets worse! Once the primary is decided we enter a third and fourth wheel. There is a Libertarian on the ballot named Lucus Overyby. Also a write in named Michael Levinson. Care to guess who they may take votes from? The Election will be held March 11, so time is short. It is critical that we hold this seat and deny Alex Sink a victory. Joe Hakos contributed to this article.



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