The State of the Union April, 2014

The State of the Union, April 2014.


Here we are and once again I find myself with feelings and emotions that I have never felt before. We are at a moral, political, and existential crossroads, folks. Let’s review what is on our plate as the scope is so broad we almost need a list.


Probably the most shocking thing to me is that we have uncovered the fact that both major political parties in this country are working together. The contest has always been, at its core, fake. Yes, there are true conservatives in the GOP but they stand on the periphery. The ruling class is standing against America. The good news is that Constitutional conservatives far outnumber these chameleons.


The latest set of circumstances that has pushed my throttles forward is not all happening in Congress either. A blistering self-examination was written by Michael Snyder and it is a real must-read article.


We are allowing our culture to simply slip away and at all costs, we must preserve it. In order to do that we must first move resolutely away from denial and reclaim the responsibility to teach our young. We have gone from a warrior-based culture to a Ritalin-based culture in 30 years. Please note that other than Europe the rest of the world has not. We cannot field an army of skinny-jeans-wearing-911-callers on the battlefield.


What about the federal government? The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) surrounds a Nevada farm Waco-style in an Agenda 21 power grab. We have a racist Attorney General (Eric Holder, the only one in history to be held in Contempt of Congress), playing the never-ending race card with gusto. A ranking member of the House Oversight Committee is caught in email traffic assisting and even guiding the IRS scrutiny of conservative watchdog group, True the Vote. This is the same felon that calls voter fraud racism. This is the same felon that calls these hearings a witch hunt done only for political purposes. No wonder he’s been acting like a drunk in church throughout the entire process. He should be locked up at a minimum, as should Holder. All this and the KIA and WIA from the Ft. Hood Jihad attack still haven’t been awarded the Purple Heart.


Something has to shift folks. Democrats have to choose between America and the corrupt anti-American Democrat crime family and they have to choose now.


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Hutch Bailie Jr. is a conservative podcast host and opinion journalist specializing in national security issues. He is currently branching off into video analysis of the issues of the day. Hutch currently co-anchors Steel City Resistance on Sunday evenings and Cold War Radio Monday Wednesday and Friday. He is a periodic contributor and substitute anchor on the Wayne Dupree Show and panelist on the Wayne Dupree video series. His primary studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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