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The Strange Case Of Rep. Will Hurd

Paul Kane of the Washington Post recently penned an article titled “Texan Will Hurd defies the odds for House Republicans. Can he last?” In case you’re not familiar with the freshman Congressman from southern Texas, Hurd is a 37 year old Republican recently elected in a majority (70 percent) Hispanic district that runs along the border between Texas and Mexico.

As you might gather from the title of the article, Kane questions Hurd’s ability to survive beyond a single term in office. As a Republican elected from a very Hispanic district, Hurd’s story doesn’t fit in the left-wing narrative that Republicans can’t appeal to Latino voters and therefore his election must be a fluke that cannot be repeated. Hurd doesn’t fit the Liberal narrative in yet another way however, because he is also black.

will-hurd-247x300That’s right, a black Republican in a majority Hispanic district.

According to Kane’s story, Democrats have put him at the top of their list of candidates to defeat in 2016. If I were inclined to think, or should I say ‘feel’ the way Liberals do, I would attack them as being racist for not supporting a black candidate, but I do think rather than feel, and I doubt Hurd would want someone using the race card to defend him anyway. I will point out that Democrats explain away his upset victory as a result of the Republican wave victory rather than admitting that he just might have gotten elected because of his qualifications and experience.

You see Will Hurd served for nearly ten years in the CIA, working dangerous undercover assignments around the world, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, giving him an extensive background in national security and intelligence. Hurd left the CIA to help start a cyber-security company. Wouldn’t this be an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements of a brilliant young black man who had honorably served his country and who has found a way to appeal to a multicultural constituency, rather than dismissing him as “a generic Republican who supports fiscal policies that would cut funding for veterans, the poor and elderly”?

Interestingly his experience was cited as part of the reason he was swept into office in the Republican ‘wave’ of 2014.

According to Democratic and Republican strategists, it was a perfect political storm: a Republican wave year, including a governor’s race at the top of the ticket in which the Democratic candidate bombed, combined with a set of issues breaking late (border security and international crises) that fit Hurd’s background. And it didn’t hurt that most of Hurd’s adult life remains classified, giving Democratic opponents little to work with in campaign ads.”

According to Democrats, it was the “set of issues breaking late” that helped him rather than his years of hard work and experience because that just wouldn’t fit the narrative; but there is just one more thing in that sentence that is a bit puzzling. Hurd’s district is right on the border with Mexico, so one might imagine that border security would be a big issue, except for the fact that the district is 70 percent Hispanic, a demographic that is supposed to be all about open borders. Why would a candidate who is strong on border security do well with a majority Hispanic constituency?

Wow, that Liberal narrative just took another hit, didn’t it? Now we can see exactly why Democrats are so intent on targeting Hurd in 2016 – it would seem diversity isn’t so important to them after all. We can’t have a black man who doesn’t fit the mold, and we can’t have Hispanic voters who won’t do as they’re told. It’s all about protecting the narrative.

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James P Willis lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is a Cold War submarine veteran, political activist, and retired industrial mechanic. James is currently an Editor / Contributor for NewsNinja2012, a freelance writer, and his blog can be found at

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