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The Sunshine State Looks Bright For Trump; Pull Ahead Of Clinton By 4 points

The GOP nominee Donald Trump has been working Florida for the last couple of weeks and it’s starting to pay off, especially with the FBI reopening the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s email server.

Republicans need Florida which has gone Democrat the last two elections.

This election is bigger than Donald Trump, it’s bigger than Never Trump. It’s bigger than Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or whoever’s name you want to plug in. It’s inconsequential to religious liberty in comparison to the scope of the rest of our years on earth. It matters more than Black Lives Matter, it transcends whether you receive a social security or entitlement check.

This election is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rid Washington of corruption and stop the Clinton-Podesta-Obama corruption that has this country in a stranglehold right now.

The Times reported the following reasons for Trump optimism in the poll:

  • Trump expanding his hold on Republicans (86 percent of self-identified Republicans and 84 percent of registered Republicans).
  • Decline in Libertarian Gary Johnson’s numbers (down to just 4 percent), as “Republicans have been likelier than Democrats to support Mr. Johnson in most of our polls,” the Times wrote.
  • Trump leads among white voters without a college degree (63 percent to 24) and has even exposed Clinton among white, working-class Democrats, which she leads just 55 percent to 32.
  • Clinton’s stronghold of the black vote is less apparent in Florida, where she leads 81-11, but is far less significant than where Trump holds just 1 percent of the black vote (like Pennsylvania).
  • Trump has turned around the Cuban-American vote, which favored Clinton 41-33 in September, but is now in favor of Trump 52-42.

New York Times Upshot/Siena poll interviewed 814 likely voters in Florida from Oct. 25-27.

I still believe those numbers are off. Mr. Trump has a much larger lead than that. Just look at his rallies and live feeds, he has tens of thousands of people while she is lucky to fill a Waffle House.

I can’t figure out who are these people that want this woman to be president who are these people that are supporting this woman that’s being investigated by the federal government I don’t understand I don’t even understand where your head is at, well I got a good idea.

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