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The U.S. Takes on Ebola….Too Little, Too Late?

As the death toll and infection rate continue to sky-rocket, the President plans to send 3000 Americans into an Ebola-infested cesspool. Other U.S. leaders, Democrat and Republican, are asking for even more. This time-bomb has been ticking for a good while, but the Senate had its FIRST hearing on Ebola today.

At the moment the plan is to send engineers, medical staff and service members to the hardest hit areas to build treatment centers and train health care workers. Military medical staff will have an area to train up to 500 workers per week. Dr. Keith Brantley strongly advocated for the distribution of home protection kits. These kits will consist of sanitizer and medical supplies.

It is my most sincerest prayer that this medical battle will be won, and that we do not personally experience the horrors of Ebola. After looking at the situation one has to ask if we’ve done too little too late?

About Melissa Snow

Raising awareness about the hypocritical, politically-correct corruption that is plaguing our nation is very important. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make things better for the next generation.

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