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THICK AS THIEVES! Clinton Superdelegate Indicted On 24 Counts of Fraud, Federal Offenses

Need I say more? Corrine Brown is a perfect example why we need to have term limits for people like her who abuse the power of her position to take advantage of and fatten her bank account. How many Corrine Brown do you suppose to exist in both the Senate and the House? People like Pelosi who feel they have a life contract at their political seat must be shown that dying of old age at the position voted into is not an option.

Saddening is a wrong choice of words, but shameless is the right one. We don’t know exactly how many times did she do it when she’s caught only this time. Democrats always strive for more funding from government or donations for the programs they have created they claimed for the ppl in need so that they can have more chance to steal from it.

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This woman is pathetic, and so are her constituents to re-elect her over and over again as they have. When voters are so uninformed and so unconcerned about the illegal activities of their US congresswoman after so many years, there is very little hope for this country.

From Associated Press:

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida and her chief of staff pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple fraud charges and other federal offenses in a grand jury indictment unsealed after an investigation into what prosecutors call a phony charity turned into a personal slush fund.

Brown, a 69-year-old Democrat, and Chief of Staff Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, 50, entered pleas in Jacksonville federal court on charges of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction and filing of false tax returns.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who called the charges against Brown, “deeply saddening,” said that for more than two decades “Brown has served her constituents in Florida with passion and energy. She has been a champion for America’s veterans.”

The 24-count indictment comes after an investigation into the purported charity One Door for Education Foundation Inc., which federal prosecutors say was billed as a way to give scholarships to poor students but instead filled the coffers of Brown and her associates.

After the hearing, Brown predicted, she would be cleared at trial. She was surrounded by supporters outside the courthouse, some carrying signs. One read, “Justice or else. Corrine matters.”

Brown and Simmons, of Laurel, Maryland, were both released on $50,000 bail and ordered not to travel outside the U.S. A status hearing was set for July 26. Simmons, who has been Brown’s chief of staff since 1993, declined comment after the hearing.

The nice part is, these are Federal charges and cannot be swept under the rug of the local judicial system.

WOW, it can’t get much more despicable than running a charity to help poor children go to college and then not even distribute it to them. I mean you’d think that she would be going around to different local colleges, universities and Tech Schools to get them to match the amounts the kids were getting. INSTEAD SHE STEALS IT ALL! Hopefully, there is a special place in Hades for her.

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