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This cop helped this young black man but you’ll never see this in the media so here you go

Source ( – The image above was taken on Martin Luther King Drive in Jersey City, New Jersey, where Officer Charlie Casserly was spotted with a young black man. Although it was captured on July 9 just before 10 am, it has only recently – this past Thursday – been posted to social media by Lashambi B. Moore.

According to Moore, “Charlie pulled the patrol car over, got out and spent nearly a half an hour teaching the young man how to tie a tie.” Apparently the teen was struggling to tie the tie properly and had asked Charlie to help him with the process — a request which the officer obliged.

“I only posted it to make others feel good because it made me feel good,” Moore said. As one would imagine, people were a bit more than impressed with the actions of Charlie and even went so far as to speak out about it.

“Outstanding. More of this please,” wrote Facebook user Fletcher Gensamert. “Thank you Officer Charlie for your service.”

Reports further indicate that Charlie, after 36 years of service, was actually on his way out the door and was just a few days out from retirement when the photo was taken. Carmine Disbrow, president of the Jersey City Police Officers’ Benevolent Association, said that Charlie’s actions represented everything that the department stood for:

“This picture represents 40 years of Charlie Casserly not just of being a law enforcement officer, but also of being a role model, a leader, and a mentor. It also is an accurate depiction of why Officer Casserly, and so many other men and women, choose to wear the badge, and their efforts to make the communities they serve better and stronger,” Disbrow said.

We thank Officer Casserly for taking the time out to destroy the narrative of the liberal progressive establishment. What did you think about this act of kindness? Leave your comments below and share this great story on your facebook/twitter timeline.

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