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This Is TOO Much! HuffPost Writer: Jesus Was First Transgender Male

Believe me you will see this woman on CNN battling somebody for the next couple of days because of this stupid story. Liberals have tried their best to make this country into an alien environment. Somebody has been watching Hollywood movies about space aliens and trying to convert Earth’s civilization into what they see in the movies.

This story from this irresponsible writer is blasphemous and Christians should speak out on it. I get tired of allowing these non-believing harlots to attack my Christianity anyway they want. They know they are protected by 1st amendment speech so they can do whatever they wish but so can I.

Hopefully this writer gets a lot of hate mail on her latest piece because it’s nothing but noise trying to push Obama’s damn fundamental transformation.

From Huffington Post:

The current flap in conservative Christian circles about bathroom access is a bit baffling. They shout about God not making mistakes, as if God only works in binaries and anything falling outside of black and white cannot be from him. But we don’t have a black and white God; creation is so full of color and variation that it’s incomprehensible how we Christians struggle to pare him down to the limited palette of our individual expectations.

The worst offenders are the Christian’s who claim to take the Bible literally. Of course they don’t actually do that; they impose their own filters on stories and phrases to fit their particular ideology. If they really did as they claim to do, they would quickly see that Jesus must be, by their own exegetical rules, the first transgender male.

Let’s take a look at what the Bible and Christianity tell us.

The teaching of the church from ancient days through today is that Jesus received his fleshly self from Mary. The church also teaches that Jesus is the new Adam, born of the new Eve.

Now Eve is a fascinating creature for many reasons. The Bible tells us she is the first example of human cloning, which I touched on in this post. But the fun doesn’t stop there. If we take the Genesis account in it’s literal meaning, as conservative Christians demand that we do, she is also the first case of a transgender woman. God reached into Adam, pulled out a bit of rib bone, and grew Eve from that XY DNA into Adam’s companion. She was created genetically male, and yet trans-formed into woman.

Then along comes Jesus and the whole pattern is both repeated and reversed. The first couple’s refusal to cooperate is turned around by Mary’s yes, and the second act of cloning occurs. The Holy Spirit comes upon the second Eve, and the child takes flesh from her and is born. Born of her flesh. Born with XX chromosome pairing. Born genetically female, and yet trans-formed into man.

One thing we know about the Bible, if you are not into the Word of God or a believer in Christ, you are liable to say anything because you want to be seen and glamorized. Hopefully, this writer doesn’t get a TV spot for this.

What are your thoughts?

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