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This Is What Makes The Internet Such A Special Place

Remember back in the day when inappropriate office humor had to be typed out while the boss wasn’t looking and copied a dozen times before it could be passed around? Somehow those illicit bits of humor managed to make the rounds of all 50 states in only a matter of a few months and no one really knew how that happened. Now through the miracle of modern technology and Al Gore’s internet, inappropriate humor can hit all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica) in a matter of minutes. Even more important, sometimes entirely appropriate humor is spread just as fast.

Case in point, the plethora of Brian Williams memes (was ‘meme’ even pre-internet word?) that spread like wild-fire as soon as word of his career embellishments got out. Back in the day NBC management would have been able to bring in a well-paid marketing strategist to suppress the story and Williams would still be sitting at the news desk imagining all sorts of breathtaking adventures to entertain us with so we wouldn’t catch wind of the real news.

I don't always lie

These stories grow stale almost as fast as they spread however, because there is always a new story coming along to grab the attention of internet the hatchet-men who seem to always be ready to pounce (and I thank them for their diligent efforts to keep us amused) on the next worthy victim. Over the past couple of days, President Obama has attracted their attention once again.

Remember Marie Harf, the intellectually challenged young lady who drew the unenviable task of explaining Obama’s foreign policy to Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball? Left with a total lack of anything intelligent to say regarding Obama’s strategy for defeating ISIS, poor Marie found herself having to defend his Jobs for Jihadists initiative. Rather than resign her position in disgust when they gave her the talking points, the brave yet hapless State Department spokesperson walked into that interview with her head held high and made an utter fool of herself, taking a big one for the team. (You know you’ve had a bad day when you make Chris Matthews look like the most intelligent person in the room.) Naturally, the internet responded accordingly.

In less time than it took for Brian Williams’ career to end, some enterprising young soul decided to help President Obama in his efforts by putting an employment application online so the thousands of Jihad Joes out there could sign up, and now the State Department is reportedly being flooding with these applications. No doubt the President and Ms. Harf are both appreciative of this assistance.

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In case you are a Jihadist who has grown tired of raping and beheading, here is a blank copy:

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The internet certainly keeps us entertained, but is provides other valuable services as well. When one astute Freeper caught Dan Rather in a lie forcing him out of his CBS News anchor chair, the power of the average citizen to hold those who serve us accountable for their words and actions was awakened. Gone are the days when lies can be told with impunity, and politicians who say utterly stupid things can expect to have those words repeated around the world before breakfast the next morning, often with an accompanying video. Just ask Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) who famously expressed his fear that the Island of Guam would capsize due to a planned military buildup.

The same internet can also make you a hero, as it did Adm. Robert Willard who managed to keep a straight face when he replied to the Congressman “We don’t anticipate that”. You’ve gotta love technology.

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