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THIS IS WRONG! Beck: “The evangelicals are not listening to “their” God”

Sen. Ted Cruz made a YUUUUGE mistake by getting Glenn Beck on his team. I have never said anything against Mormons and I won’t now. I don’t know anything about their religion but I will defend mine when attacked.

Beck wants to be able to say he delivered Utah to Cruz when for the most part they were going to vote for him anyway. Everybody knows this so what TheBlaze’s founder is trying to do here is questionable at best.

I’ve just about had enough of Beck and how he implements fear-mongering against evangelicals who choose to go another direction from what he is pushing. This is no different than the Obama administration furthering the divide on race the last eight years. We don’t need another manipulative president or his associates doing the same thing.

I enjoyed Beck on Fox when his show was straight journalism without the religion. He exposed Barack Obama’s czars and their left-wing ties. I’d never seen a video of G.B. Shaw advocating eugenics until Beck had it on his old show. He was a powerhouse of objective journalism and then he started to inject his religion into his reporting. I stopped watching.

As a Christian, one of the things I DESPISE is when people use Christ’s name to manipulate me.

It is not only an insult to my intelligence but a slap in the face of Jesus Christ Himself. The fourth commandment clearly states that one should NOT be using the Lord’s name in vain- which has nothing to do with cussing (that’s talked about in Ephesians) but has everything to do with being an ambassador for God- and that means God clearly forbids people from using His Holy and Righteous name to manipulate people into voting for your stupid candidate.

If Cruz doesn’t denounce this type of thing, then people should vote against him.

Keep judging people Beck…they will eventually see your hypocritical judgement as an indication that they are wrong and be guilted into voting for Cruz. I mean, what other strategy is there at this point with these crazy, Jesus hating Trump supporters?

Please see this as a virtual slap in the face. You just committed a great sin accusing other Christians. You don’t even realize it. You have lost your soul. Seriously, are you sick with cancer or something? You seem to be dying on the outside; I am just wondering if you are going through something with your erratic and crazy behavior. Are you ill?

What do you have to say about Beck’s statement? Are you a Beck fan? Will you speak out against this? Will you call out this hate and separation? This is not bringing people together, this is the politics of separation. Add your opinions (below) and share this on your Twitter/Facebook timeline.

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