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This man publicly BLASTS Muslim Sheikh for brainwashing kids about martyrdom! – VIDEO

We all know Islam teaches anything but “tolerance” and “peace” despite what the Barack Obama administration and mainstream media try to cover up. This video showing a Sheik brainwashing and effectively radicalizing susceptible children was leaked and we’re not sure why, but one man had something to say.

Video of the incident was posted online by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), showing a Sheikh in Jerusalem preaching radical Islam to children of a young age.

If you watch the translation, his message strongly centered around the benefits and dying, martyrdom, being rewarded 2 virgin brides and granted the opportunity to allow 70 relatives into paradise.

As this was being recorded, there was one brave man who couldn’t contain himself.

“Listen, sheikh,” he interrupted. “They do not understand what you are saying. They are children.”

Rather than listen to reason, the Sheikh simply responded by encouraging the children to shout “Allah Akbar!” Of course, as any brainwashed subject would, they obliged their so-called teacher.

“Shame on you,” the man continued. “You can teach these lessons to [adults] like us, not to them. Look at these children! Look what you are planting in their minds.” As we all know, children are like sponges. They’re easily manipulated, especially when in large groups as they’re encouraged by others doing the same.

Watch the exchange here:

It was very brave what this man did and I can’t help but think for his safety after he publicly blasted this Sheikh. What do you think of the man who stepped up and did you continue to watch the video to listen to these kids chant? Share your thoughts below on this entire incident and add this to your facebook/twitter timeline for discussion.

H/T – MEMRI-TVThe Blaze

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