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This pastor gives the biblical response to #LoveWins and liberals won’t be happy

It seems the days of protest have passed, fallen on deaf ears, it is time for America to RISE, We are a nation of peace.

Last week social media went crazy with the #LoveWins hashtag. Many of them that used this hashtag supported the Supreme Court’s decision while the remaining few made mockery of it.

Michael Youssef

The man of God in the video below is Dr. Michael Youssef and he is unapologetic about his love for Christ.

We must protect the Constitution or our grandchildren for generations to come will suffer! I don’t think anyone can put it and more clear than that. Christians must get united and stand up for our constitution. Our future stands with us teaching and leading our children in a way so they don’t ever have to see dictatorship except in History books.

What did you think about this pastor’s message? How can anyone draw hate from this legal immigrant who did it the right way? Share your comments below.

H/T – Leading The Way

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