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This Republican walked out on Obama’s State Of the Union speech and here’s why!

I thought Obama said he would make his speech short. That was only the first lie.

I watched and poked fun at President Feckless so I didn’t know Iowa Congressman Steve King walked out of the State of the Union speech but I applaud him. I sat back and listened to his reason and it’s sound and justified.

America has been ripped to shreds because of Obama’s overreach the last eight years and most real Republicans who still do the job for us have had to sit and endure listening to him take credit, lie, backstab and mislead and tonight, King had enough.

Check out what the Congressman tweeted out earlier today:

This one he tweeted out before the SOTU tonight

From The Blaze:

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa stepped out of the House chamber where the State of the Union address was about to take place Tuesday, electing to pray in the members’ chapel during the speech due to President Barack Obama’s stance on abortion.

“When the president announced that he would have an empty seat up by the First Lady for those who are victims of gun violence, who no longer have a voice, and I thought of the millions and millions of unborn babies — on his first day in office he issued an executive order that accelerated abortions worldwide,” King told TheBlaze moments after stepping out of the House of Representatives chamber.

The lawmaker followed through on his promise from earlier in the day, adding that he took the “last chance” to leave the chamber just a few minutes before the president spoke.

DON’T MISS THIS STORY – 9th Circuit Court rules: Wearing unearned military medals constitutes free speech!

Check out the quick video tweet response:

Thank you Rep. King for speaking up for those who cannot – and daring to pray for the restoration of America in the very place which turned its back on God. You are indeed a man of your conviction!

What did you think of King’s protest? Share your comments below in the comment section!

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