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This THUG nonchalantly shoves customer aside during burglary; didn’t know it was marine vet – VIDEO

You would have thought by now these kids would get the message but it’s not sinking in.

Dylan Bearden, 19, of Midlothian, Texas, a wannabe THUG, didn’t have anything to do this fine day and thought it would be a good idea to rob a local convenience store. He will have a story to tell his kids when he grows up, believe it!

As Bearden walks in, he brushes aside Daniel Gaskey, a local firefighter and retired Marine. As Bearden brandishes a knife, Gaskey puts his hands up. After peeping out the situation, sizing the young Bearden up and down so check out just how dangerous he was, it was time to act.

He grabbed the younger, much smaller, robber from the back, wrapped his arms around him and threw him to the ground. Gaskey then held the suspect on the ground while the store clerk called 911. Gaskey held the man down until police arrived.

Would someone please share this video to younger kids so they will get the message? It’s ridiculous they have to learn the hard way but if it has to come to that, at least we would have tried to steer them in the right direction.

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