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This UN contingent is abusing children under coalition leaders and US wants a probe immediately!

UN and French troops abuse refugees in CAR and the U.S. is urging a probe!


French authorities have activated investigations. These are quotes from Defenceweb

[a] UN report summarizing victim interviews was leaked. The six-page document said the young children who were interviewed alleged they had performed oral sex on the French troops. The soldiers from Equatorial Guinea and Chad were accused of sodomising children.

“The allegations are completely horrific,” US Ambassador to the United Nations said. “If these allegations prove true, it is such a profound violation, not only of the dignity and physical security of individuals in their most vulnerable state, but it is a complete abrogation of trust.

Africa has been a pilot model of post colonialist chaos, model which Dinesh D’Souza said was going to be applied by Obama. Any observer who has been to college – and attented “Studies” classes, has heard the same kind of talk advocating turning the world to a post-American “dominated” one.

Much like the turning of Rhodesia into the failed State of Zimbabwe under Carter’s supportive watch (only to be flipped over for Chinese colonization later, Mugabe having been trained by Maoists in China), a plan for America exists under the language-argument auspices of “America being a land of immigrants”.


The breach of trust Powers talks about is hardly new to “little” Africans and is one her boss is offering us. What she is tackling are merely symptoms that came through a leak.  The disease is a culture of decadence, betrayal and general taxation and exploitation. Besides, how can America play a role in a probe when the US representative role is scorned by its very own President?

Expect clamors for more free US foreign aid money without US custody nor local African self custody being recognized – ie zero accountability. Children exploitation locally is directly scalable to a global policy of UN fund raising type taxation without representation – much like the corrupt “charity business” clergy of the Middle Ages. It sets for a right of usage, an empowerment, now rephrased “social justice”.

Answer whether “acceptizing”  abusing life has become the New Normal.

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