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This week on The Texas Uncle Sam Show:

Having grown tired of hearing you kids complain about me lecturing at you too much, I handed mamma bear her own mic. She is the one that writes all of the material for my other stage character, (Pendark), so this should be fun. Join us for a lighthearted exchange over current events, the Dumbassery Report, The Book Of The Week, and The History Corner. Through it all, you get a glimpse into why our marriage has lasted 11 years.

She writes: “Alright, boys and girls. Tonight is my radio debut as co-host on The Texas Uncle Sam’s show on WAARadio. Join us for not so serious discussions about Life, the Universe and Vagina Cookies (wherein I may or may not have outed Politibunny, Sam Janney) Go ahead and tune in at 9:00 pm CDT – it’s free and will only cause a small amount of brain damage*. Probably. *Texas Uncle Sam and WAA Radio not responsible for any damage to your brain.”

About Richard Bateman

Expert communicator, Pitch Man, Spokesperson, Curator, Docent, Product Demonstrator, Lecturer, and Entertainer, with a proven ability to provide exceptional customer service to internal and external customers; one-on-one or in groups of any size. Experience in presenting at trade shows, conventions, museums, theaters, and retail environments. Has appeared on TV and hosts his own internet radio program at: Associate’s of Applied Science in Paralegal with strong emphasis in research, public speaking, and psychology. Born in 1971, married to his third wife and helping to raise his son; RMD Bateman also known as (Pendark) and (The Texas Uncle Sam), has enjoyed sharing his insights, which he gained in the school of hard knocks, with his audiences, both live on stage and with his radios show. He has made it his stated goal, not to get people to think like he does, but to "get people to use their brains for more than keeping their skulls from making noise when they slap their forehead with their hand."

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