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Thomas Sowell: Black/White liberal leaders play Race Card at Every turn

Affirmative Action have given benefits to a group of people already fortunate. – Thomas Sowell

Democrats have played the race card for almost as long as I can remember.They even revised history. Most blacks blame Republicans for their plight as far back as the fifties and sixties. Most have no idea that it was Democrats who kept them down on the farm and would never vote for the Civil Rights Bill.Had it not been for Republicans,they’d still be working for ‘The Man’.

Democrats bought and paid for their votes and still are, ruined their families, and told them the Republicans were to blame for all their woes. They should read history books from several decades ago and learn who their enemy was then and still is. Many blacks are still slaves for the Democrats who are their masters.

In watching this video from Thomas Sowell, I was struck by something he stated which once again made a lot of sense to me and I will do a lot more research. He stated that if you look at the data, Blacks were rising faster before the Civil Rights Movement and Affirmative Action. He actually is a product of that because everything that happened to him was before the Civil Rights Act and Affirmative Action was written into law.

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Thomas Sowell points out, black employment was improving before 1964: “In the period from 1954 to 1964, for example, the number of blacks in professional, technical, and similar high-level positions more than doubled. In other kinds of occupations, the advance of blacks was even greater during the 1940s–when there was little or no civil rights policy–than during the 1950s when the civil rights revolution was in its heyday.” He also notes that the increase in the number of blacks in professional and technical occupations in the two years following passage of the 1964 Act was actually less than in the year from 1961 to 1962.

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