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THUG attempts to rob woman in broad daylight; New Yorkers aren’t having it!

Sometimes street justice does work when the community is involved.

On Wednesday, a man tried to grab a woman’s bag at 35th Street and 8th Avenue. When she wouldn’t let go, he literally dragged her across the street, through traffic.

A group of good Samaritans who witnessed the attempt immediately jumped into action. One man put the suspect into a choke hold and took him to the ground. Four or five other pedestrians joined in and helped pin the man to the ground. The group then started searching the suspect and returning the woman’s stolen property.

The thug in question, Theodore Shearin, 37, somehow managed to escape the group of people before police could arrive on the scene. However, he didn’t make it far. He was arrested nearby and is now facing charges of robbery, assault, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Tell us if you agree with the actions of these citizens. Would you have done the same thing? Add your thoughts to our comment section below.

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