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Tired of Toure’s Tyrannical Tirades Based on Alleged White Privilege

Touré Neblett is one of those individuals you just love to dislike and wish you could ignore. The problem though is that too many low-information folks don’t ignore him and believe what he says to be the truth.

Because of his life, background, and color, Touré appears to have developed an attitude that believes that white privilege is the reason that whites have anything at all to call their own. In other words, it wasn’t given to them based on merit, but because of color. Then again, raised in Massachusetts as a black person with the constant progressive memes being thrown at him, how could he resist the opportunity to learn to blame white people for all of his privilege?

The amount of duplicity, hypocrisy, and blindness in the life of someone like Touré is astounding. Touré was born in Boston, MA and eventually attended Milton Academy, an elite boarding school. Costs range from just over $40,000 to just under $50,000. It’s essentially a K – 8 school on steroids. How did Touré manage to attend? Was he given a free pass? Did someone other than his parents pay for his education? According to one site, Touré’s parents were well off.

It appears that Touré, or Touré Neblett, was born and raised in an integrated neighborhood outside Boston and that his family must have been well off since they could afford a private education for this poor downtrodden modern black man being kept down by the man. In fact, it wasn’t just any private education but one at the prestigious Milton Academy which has produced Governors and Nobel laureates.

I find that fascinating, don’t you? Here’s a guy who claims that he’s proof that marijuana doesn’t negatively impact intelligence (I would disagree based on the amount of asinine comments that emanate from his mouth), and enjoys identifying with low-information voters as if he’s one of them, yet apparently he has so far, sailed through life, attending some of the biggest, best, and most expensive schools around!

In other words, Touré is not aware (or at least, pretends he’s not aware) of just how hypocritical his life truly is as he has experienced what many to most white people will never experience, yet has the temerity (some might say mendacity) to call out whites for what he views as so-called white privilege. Here’s is proof of his racism.

Of course, needless to say, he received a big thumb’s down on Twitter for this tweet, but he’s said nothing about it, nor will he likely admit it was a truly ludicrous thing to say/tweet. An apology? Don’t hold your breath.

The original poster replied with this zinger.

Have we heard anything from MSNBC on the subject? Of course not and therein lies the problem. MSNBC more than protects people like Touré. He knows it and between him, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, and others, they can say just about anything they want with absolutely no repercussions.

The tragedy with Touré (and those like him) is that it appears that he was born with a silver spoon in his own mouth, but decries the alleged white privilege that he believes is part of society that constantly elevates white people.

Consider his tweet referenced above. He attempts to shame the person who originally tweeted that his family survived a concentration camp, legally came to America, worked very hard to make something of themselves, and yet to Touré, it’s all due to so-called white privilege. Yet, if we consider Toure’s life, he seems to have been handed everything from the beginning, even attending a very exclusive school in Boston at a cost of at least $40,000 per year. Interesting.

Did Touré personally work for that? No, of course not. It was given to him. Yet, what did he become? A progressive leftist who erroneously believes that whites are the ones who have a leg up on society.

My grandparents (on both sides) came legally to this country. They also worked hard to achieve whatever they could, eventually being able to buy their own home in North Bronx, turning part of it into a rental. Was that due to white privilege? If so, my grandparents would never have known since, to them, it felt like a tremendous amount of work for much of their adult lives.

toureBut for people like Touré Neblett who obviously wants to distance himself from his upper middle class upbringing by pretending he can so relate to the average poor black person, lying is in his best interest. That also includes denigrating white people who have worked hard to make something of themselves.

In previous generations – for those who legally immigrated to America – the only thing they knew was hard work. It was part of their psyche. Since then, and largely because of the Democrat Party, too many people have had their hands out and filled by the government. This has only taught people that laziness gets the worm. They are essentially rewarded for it while being told that their position in life is due mainly to some made up theory based in something called Critical Race Theory and includes something else called White Privilege.

Touré Neblett is protected by those on the left who like what he says. He doesn’t realize that he is being used by the left to foment strife in society through the lies he perpetuates. Moreover, he doesn’t care. Though born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he likes to pretend he worked hard for what he got and can relate to poor blacks of the inner city. Lying is who he is and he makes no excuses for it. He is a living, walking, talking, lying hypocrite. That’s Touré and that’s what the left is known for being.

Folks, we cannot allow individuals like Touré to direct the conversation or control the dialogue. His lies must be seen as what they are until people come to understand that when he speaks, he lies. Pass the word. Retweet or repost this article. Let’s tell the left we are wise to their schemes and we’re done taking their lies.


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