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To GOP: Do not throw Rick Scott under the bus. by Chris Ivan

charlie-cristx-large    The Republicans better prepare for an expensive fight in Florida for the Governor’s race. As i mentioned before on the webcast, Crist is well-connected to the Democratic money machine now. Charlie Crist’s fund raising committee has raised nearly $900k in the first 12 days. Furthermore, $484k of these funds came from donors listed as lawyer or law firms.

But lets start at the beginning. Charlie Crist is a former Florida Republican Governor. He made a run for the Senate seat currently held by Marco Rubio. Crist lost the GOP primary to Rubio. He was very bitter about this loss and started in with the ‘extremist’ accusations towards Rubio and the GOP. Not to be outdone, Charlie Crist decides to continue his run for the Senate seat as an independent. That went nowhere. Even more bitter, Crist doubles-down on the Republicans are ‘extremists’ talk.

os-john-morgan-talks-medical-marijuana-on-news-001After the second humiliating loss, Crist is hired by a large Orlando ambulance chasing law firm called Morgan and Morgan. This law firm is headed by John Morgan. So what right? No, think again. John Morgan is a fund raising machine for the DNC and Barrack Obama. He personally has had many fundraisers at his home for the President. Couple that with the fact that Mr. Morgan is well connected to law firms across the country. Money will not be a problem for Crist.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott has $20M in the bank and has raised $3.4M in November. Great numbers indeed, But this horse race is just getting started. Just for some background, the establishment did not want this guy. In fact, Dick Morris said “dont waste your vote, Rick Scott doesn’t stand a chance”. Scott delivered an upset that shocked the establishment. He went on to defeat Alex Sink(D) in a squeaker.

rick-scott    Scott’s record in Florida is nothing to run from. Consider this,when Scott first took office Florida’s unemployment rate was just under 12%, now its 7%. Rick lowered taxes and promoted Florida to businesses across the globe. As a result, many companies have relocated to Florida. One company, car rental giant Hertz, brought its headquarters to Estero in southwest Florida. The gun manufacturer Colt,in 2011, announced it was bringing part of its manufacturing to Florida. Cable & Wireless Communications, the London-based telecom company that dates back to the British Empire, is moving its global headquarters to South Florida. Lowes, the home improvement chain has expanded its distribution facilities. The list is a long one, many more companies have made the move. Others, like GE are considering it as well. Scott’s strategy is much the same as Rick Perry’s. Tout the low taxes and affordable labor and business friendly climate. And it has worked well for Florida.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush recently endoresed Rick Scott. A good start, but more will be needed. Florida races can be tight. So my message to the GOP is do not be a day late and a dollar short on this one (insert Ken Cucinelli reference here) Loss of the Governorship in FL will have catastrophic consequences. Step it up now, Crist and the DNC will do or say anything to win.

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