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Tom Shillue: It’s time to shut down #BlacksLivesMatter; they are like a criminal organization, this is criminal stuff

Tom Shillue, Host of The Five was pissed off at the latest actions of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and made a compelling and passionate statement to take action against this group. One of the main reasons — they are creating a threat to public safety.

I agree in theory Tom, but don’t pin the actions of the few on the many. You have the right to protest and those who remain non-violent shouldn’t have that right infringed. Unless you’re prepared to sacrifice your 2nd Amendment right every time a criminal uses a gun to kill someone.

This is what Tom had to say:

“[I] think it’s shut-it-down time,” Shillue said. “I think it’s ridiculous. And I think that this is criminal stuff. These organizations — it’s not a civil rights movement. Call it what it is. It’s a lie from the beginning. I’m going to put a lot of responsibility, not just a little bit attributed. This is a violent group. I think it’s time to shut them down.”

“And the federal government’s not going to do it,” he continued. “I think the state governors should go in when there’s protests — shut them down. People are drunk on rights in this country. These people are violent. It’s horrible, and I think they should go in there and do whatever they have to. I don’t know if it’s RICO laws or something. I think it’s time to arrest these leaders because they’re threatening people and they’re causing violence.”

Words do not do this justice, you have to check out the video:

Did Tom go to far? Is this a good idea? Do you think he’s thought this through? Share this story on your twitter/facebook timeline and add your comments below.

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