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TOO LATE! CNN Apologizes For Misreporting Calls For Peace By Milwaukee Shooting Victim’s Sister

Honestly, it’s too late.

They are a new organization that knew they were wrong. They knew the story they were putting out was bogus and yet they did it anyway. The knew that young girl wasn’t calling for peace and they pushed that out to their viewers and now they are apologizing…it’s too late.

Here is Carol Costello’s apology

Apologizes. Ha. If you call shoving an “oh by the way” five second quip into a segment, then sure, they “apologized”. CNN has seriously ticked me off in more ways than one this year and this is almost my last straw. I practically expect this type of thing from them now. I hear a story they put out and expect it to be super biased and unfounded in truth. And the funny thing is, they really don’t care. At all. Like, not even an ounce.

The real stories don’t seem to fit their narrative that they have been shoving down our throats of late. Soundbites can be altered and truth can be skewed CNN, but unfortunately not all Americans are sheep. In this age of information availability, go elsewhere for your news.

Does anyone really believe it is outside the realm of possibility that the regime is encouraging, with the lamestream media’s willing help, some if not all these riots to facilitate the takeover of all the cities police departments to create this US Gestapo? Conspiracy but I put nothing past these people.

CNN is just not the news to watch if you want to find out what is happening. Leaving out certain things is in fact a way to sway people into believing exactly what they want them to think. It’s a tactic and they are actually admitting they use this tactic.

Here is what they released:

…and here is the original call for violence against the suburbs of Milwaukee:

Sorry is an insult at this point. Apologize for all the lies and narrative only reporting that had taken place since before George Zimmerman. Then all should be fired and replaced. Please also explain to the public you footage manipulation of campaign rallies and apologize for the blatant hypocrisy in the reporting.

CNN isn’t the only one that reports falsely, or with a bias. Fox News and MSNBC do too. The media as a whole manipulates the information they give us to either distract, or direct our attention where they want it. Six company’s control over 90% of the media. With that much power over information, how can anyone expect to be getting the truth?

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