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Top 10 Reasons I’m Not A Republican, Either

Special thanks to Ellysa Maye for the inspiration. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:

#10. The duality of Theodore Roosevelt’s “rugged individualism” and actually being the initiator of progressivism into mainstream politics before the democrats.

#9. The 5 1/2 trillion national debt accumulated thus far in 2000 versus the 10 1/2 by 2008 (there’s going to be a lot from Mr. 43 on here) from the “fiscally responsible” party. Way to stifle the effectiveness of your own tax cuts. Same thing, to a lesser extent, during Reagan. Tax cuts are wonderful, but they’re largely inefficient when not paired with spending cuts. Real spending cuts, i.e. decrease the size of government.

#8. General cowardice, spinus linquinius, as seen by caving on the laughable spending cuts increase reductions from the sequester, the debt ceiling(over and over again), and not going for the throat during elections (unless it’s a primary challenger).

#7. An extremely creepy, massive new federal agency formed seemingly overnight after 9/11. Even the name, Homeland Security, has a Cold-War era ring to it (and not from this side of the planet). It’s another sign of the increasing difficulty in discerning patriotism from nationalism. They’re 90% the same, but that other 10% makes all the difference in the world.

#6. Related to #7, the Patriot Act. Oh sure, the “rough draft” actually goes back to Joe Biden, of all people, and even predates the Oklahoma City bombing. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t “written” during the Bush Administration so much as copy/pasted from a template they already had handy.

#5. The 2008 republican presidential nominee siding with his opponent and standing in opposition to oil production in ANWR. The keystone pipeline’s ok, it is, but don’t drill in one of the most remote places on the planet.

#4. While we’re at it, the fact that this man was a republican presidential nominee:



 and that either of these two could be in the future.

bush_jeb chris-christie-bridge







Romney isn’t here because he’s at least an impeccable human being by all unbiased standards.

#3. Mr. 43 again.

#2. Amnesty/Immigration Reform. AKA, still not enforcing the Nation’s laws.

#1. This guy, and for this very reason.

You gotta give them one thing, though. The republicans have taught us all that there is indeed a difference between better and not as bad.

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