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Transgender approved to use girls bathroom by school caused this massive reaction from student body – EPIC!

How much is really enough?

Lila Perry, like her other Hillsboro, Missouri high school students, wanted to use the school bathrooms and locker rooms. So the school told her: Go ahead and use the women’s rooms.

Houston, we have a problem. Even though the school said use the bathroom, the students didn’t agree which caused a massive walk-out demonstration that made the national news.

Perry is a transgender student, and the school’s action led to a protest on Monday staged by students. Nearly 200 students walked out of a high school on Perry was changing in the girl’s locker room.

Only in America, huh?

Why are we having such an explosion of transgender and gay people suddenly ….every coffee shop I go to, now, has some guy talking with a lisp and acting feminine. I really blame this on the liberal agenda, wanting men and woman to be the same, .no gender distinction.

They wants guys playing with dolls and girls playing with..oh wait…. can’t play with guns, that’s too macho  and shows male strength. I guess everybody should stick with dolls and cake baking ovens  and we’ll end up with a bunch of sissy boys painting their fingernails and shopping for clothes every weekend.

Would you feel comfortable with a boy entering your daughter’s locker room while the girls are changing clothes? Most likely not. Boy parts, boys locker room, girl parts, girls locker room. End of discussion.

Watch the video report here:

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