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Trey Gowdy explains why he’s supporting GOP candidate Marco Rubio

Let’s be clear, the establishment knows that Jeb Bush is done. Sen Marco Rubio is the new choice of the power elite to preserve their power.

Millions of “conservative” Republicans will stay home on election day in November 2016 if Marco Rubio is the nominee and here’s why. If Rubio had not sold out conservatives on the so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration proposal things would be so different. Today, it only takes one major mistake by a politician to lose support with the party’s conservative voters, and that’s a fact!

Voters are developing a long memory, which is good for the country, but bad for candidates like Rubio. What he thought he accomplished in the immigration stunt regarding gaining national recognition for himself has redounded to his bane.

No amount of retelling the story of his family, his immigrant parents, their sacrifice–all the stuff that great many others sacrificed and more–is not going to win him any greater popularity or accolades.


Gowdy joined Fox and Friends on Wednesday to discuss why he was backing Rubio.

From Fox News:

Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, said he’s backing Rubio largely on his strength and knowledge on national security and public safety issues.

“What good is freedom of speech if you’re dead or living in fear?” Gowdy asked.

Rubio has steadily climbed in the GOP primary polls, reaching second place in early December behind frontrunner Donald Trump.

However, his numbers have since dropped slightly, and he is now in third place with 11.6 percent of the vote, behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 18.6 percent and Trump at 35.6 percent, according to a RealClearPolitics averaging of polls.

Rubio already has endorsements from fellow Republican Sens. Cory Gardner, Colorado; James Risch, Idaho, and Steve Daines, Montana.

“I can’t tell you who to vote for,” Gowdy told audience members Tuesday. “But I’m going to vote for Marco Rubio. National security and public safety are the most important issues. And Marco Rubio is the best for them.”

Watch the video here:

I think Gowdy has every right to support who he wishes, however there are consequences to those decisions and if the American people look badly at him for it, then the die is cast.

What are your thoughts?


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