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Trump blows past the media, liberals and GOP candidates establishing hotline for veterans

One thing about Donald Trump is that he loves America and he loves the US Military. The latest developments of the John McCain backlash where the media, liberals and GOP establishment tried to destroy him publicly backfired. Now Trump is showing everyone where his heart is really at.

BTW, he’s besting other GOP candidates again!

Via Breitbart

Trump is establishing a hotline and email address for veterans to share their stories on how the Veterans Administration should be reformed. He pledges that if elected president he will take care of the veteran complaints “very quickly and efficiently like a world-class businessman can do, but a politician has no clue.”

“This disgraceful omission is unacceptable and yet another example of our incompetent politicians. It is a simple yet meaningful and important gesture that signifies our respect and recognition for these great soldiers who lost their lives. We must do better for all Americans, especially our military. We must Make America Great Again!”

The hotline is 855-VETS-352 and email is [email protected]

Trump is expected to detail his veteran hotline plan in a speech Tuesday.

Sure the establishment will think of this as a stunt and they will talk it up but then again, Trump is doing something that he feels he must do and he doesn’t need to apologize for it.

What are your feelings about the established hotline? Share your views in the comment section and don’t forget to share the story via your twitter and facebook times.

H/T – Breitbart

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