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Trump brings legal immigrant onstage to slam illegal immigration – AWESOME!

This was a great moment during Donald Trump’s stop in Bloomington, IL. Trump saw this guy in the crowd wearing this shirt with the words “Legal Immigrant for Trump.”

Trump was hesitant of bringing him on stage and true to his character in allowing Americans to speak on stage, he welcomed the supporter on stage. You have to know that by doing this, Trump doesn’t know exactly what these supporters are going to say but this young man told the crowd the following:

“I came to this country when I was five years old, my dad went through hell to get us citizenship, and we did it by the book (crowd cheers) and I am here because I am agitated that the media does not separate legal immigration from illegal.”

Watch the rest here in this video clip:

What do you think of the honesty of this young man! I think he’s awesome for having the nerve to stand up and be counted. Share your comment with us below and let us know what you thought about this powerful moment.

h/t – Right Side Broadcasting/Youtube

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