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Trump Calls Out London Mayor; Remembers Earlier No Reason To Be Alarmed Response

On Sunday morning, after a horrific attack in London that saw multiple deaths at the hands of radical Islamist, President Trump responded to London’s Mayor cold and selfish response.

Here is the statement from the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan:

Here are President Trump’s tweets early Sunday morning:

The Daily Mail tried to run Trump’s response as a story but they fell short in remembering that Sadiq Khan had once mentioned basically these attacks were normal. He said this on a trip to New York City.

Source: Daily Mail

Donald Trump has slammed London mayor Sadiq Khan’s response to Saturday night’s horrifying attack on the city.

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday morning to mock Khan’s supposed calls for calm, and also to question the calls for tightening of US gun laws after the attack in which multiple attackers used a van and knives to kill at least seven civilians.

‘At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!”‘ Trump tweeted.

It’s unclear exactly what statement Trump was responding to.

Khan had earlier tweeted a video condemning the attack, but did not use the words ‘there is no reason to be alarmed.’

I think what Trump was referring to was this:

What the Daily Mail doesn’t remember is how the Mayor feels about Terrorism in general:

Hopefully, the Daily Mail will remember what Mayor Khan said and fix their article.

It seems Khan is talking out both sides of his mouth. What do you think about this change of tone? Is it sincere?

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