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Trump campaign offices vandalized with neo-Nazi hate speech, vulgar graffiti

My first reaction to this story was liberals are probably trying to make a point but then common sense kicked in and I believe this was a few members on our side that did this. A lot of online conservatives have used the “neo-Nazi” label against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, way more than liberals.

Check out a couple of Republican tweets that lead the pack:

We supposed to be on the same side, and when we give a license to project this hate, the responsibility lies with those push the narrative.

Liberals don’t care what’s happening in the Republican race. They might make comments but to do damage I do not see it. There’s no upside right now.

There are a couple of outcomes I can see that will spring from this. There will be no change, and things will go along without a hitch. Another scenario is some will sympathize with the attack and look to defend Trump in a bolder way. Then there is the “fear” factor in electing candidate like this, “is it worth it?”

Trump hardly needs a sympathy vote. This kind of puerile act will only redound to his favor.


From MyFoxBoston:

The Massachusetts headquarters for presidential candidate Donald Trump was vandalized overnight.

“You certainly have the right if you don’t like a candidate to tell them you don’t like them and protest against them. But you certainly don’t have the right to do a criminal act,” said Police Chief Matthew King.

Littleton Police said that the vandalism was reported  around 9 a.m. Saturday. The Conant Building on King Street houses the state’s headquarters of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Police said multiple words were spray painted on the outside of the offices, including vulgar and sexual references, “pig” and references that Trump is a Nazi.

“It was pretty vulgar,” said Chief King.

Police are investigating the incident and are reviewing surveillance footage. They believe the person might have been on the younger.

Trump’s campaign manager was notified and said it was upsetting someone would do this; volunteers spent the day cleaning the offices, which opened just a week or two ago in the historic Conant Building.

The ability to disagree has been removed from the landscape, and the ability to hate has taken it’s place. In the end, if Trump doesn’t gain the nomination, why should Trump supporters vote with the GOP again if some of their legion are going to this extreme?

h/t – MyFoxBoston, photo


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