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Trump “conversation” disavowed David Duke months ago; Media falls for Art of the Deal!

The GOP front-runner Donald Trump, once again, has the media playing to his tune making them cover him non-stop over an issue that was decided months ago.

One of Trump favorite lines dealing with the media in his book the Art of the deal says, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win, which is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. Look at how the media is going after him for this past Sunday interview.

I remember watching Trump disavow former Klansman David Duke back in August of 2015. This was nothing new as it was a blip on the media’s radar, but since it had nothing to do with the candidates race at the time nobody paid attention to it. The GOP establishment was still saying at that time, Trump had no shot of winning the nomination.

You didn’t see Sen. Ted Cruz or Sen. Marco Rubio or any other campaign staff or any other supporters calling out Donald Trump last August on this issue. This is a last grasp for legitimacy ask potential GOP nominees.

I don’t need his endorsement, I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement, I don’t need anybody’s endorsement…

Would you repudiate David Duke?

Sure, I would do that if it made you feel better, I would certainly repu… I don’t know anything about him. Somebody told me yesterday, whoever he is, he did endorse me, and actually, I don’t think it was an endorsement, he said I was absolutely the best of all the candidates, but I wouldn’t want it.

Watch the video below:

Trend continues to get coverage in the media taking up coverage from other candidates, and the experts are pulling their hair out because they don’t know how to stop it.

What do you think about this latest video Conversation we’re down at Trump explains in-depth why he doesn’t want an endorsement from David Duke.


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