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Trump: Delegates Last-Ditch Effort To Deny him GOP Nomination a Hoax

The media has been fighting Donald Trump tooth and nail for the last 7-8 months. Some Republican candidates decided they would give false accounts that Trump was eating up great media time while others weren’t getting anything, but when the truth really came out, you saw how the media had been planning to destroy Trump all along.

The Washington Post dropped a bombshell story on Friday that mentioned how dozens of anti-Trump delegates were going to walk away from Trump at the GOP convention. Instead of Trump supporters fearing this action, many got angry or mad. They wanted to know what was happening and who was in charge of denying our nominee.

Trump seemingly put to bed those rumors today during his rally in Las Vegas. Will that stop the rumors, probably not but it should calm the followers for a while as they are ramping up for a huge convention in Cleveland, OH.

From CBS News:

Donald Trump told supporters Saturday that reports about delegates planning a last-ditch effort to try to deny him the GOP presidential nomination at next month’s convention is a “hoax.”

“Believe me. By these people right here, it’s all made up by the press. OK? It’s all made up. It’s, it’s, it’s a hoax, I’m telling you,” Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas.

Trump said he watched a report about the effort on CNN on Friday.

“Breaking news! There will be this and that at the convention,” Trump yelled, mocking the network’s report. “Who are they gonna pick? I beat everybody. But I don’t mean beat. I beat the hell out of them, right? Beat the hell out of them.”

Trump then said he might need more help from the GOP.

“We’re gonna beat Hillary, and it would be helpful if the Republicans could help us a little bit. You know, OK? Just a little bit.”

Earlier in the rally, Trump said, “Reince Priebus. You know what that is, right? No, he’s a nice guy.”

Do you think delegates will decide to walk away from Trump at the convention?

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