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Trump Expresses Regret For Words; Promises To Always Tell The Truth!

Those that think Donald Trump is an unsuccessful loser need to look in the mirror. If you think so lowly of Trump and his accomplishments in life you must despise your life and massive lack of success. Truth can hurt.

What America needs is a man who speaks the truth. Mr. Trump is that man and we will stand with him no matter what the liberal media says.

Here is an honest man that says he regrets something he said. The media will not report this. But how many Democrats would say they were wrong and regretted what they have said or did – zero! When I heard that statement about him choosing the wrong words in the heat of a debate, I felt like it was a pivotal point in Trump’s campaign. Onward and upward!

We all make mistakes and say the wrong things. It takes a big enough person to swallow their pride and admit when they are wrong. Should he choose his words more carefully? Of course, but as long as he knows when he has stepped over the line and owned up to it. Takes responsibility. We need someone like that in office unlike President Obama who is on vacation with what is going on in Louisiana

He’s right, he’s always told the truth no matter how much it hurts, though he may have gotten a little emotionally charged and laid it out a little too plainly. I appreciate that he knows when he makes a mistake and apologizes for it, something a career politician would never do. He truly is a man of the people!

I believe that Trump is sincere. You see he has all the money he or his kids will ever need. So with that being said, he could be on a beach, a yacht, go anywhere in the world. He can do whatever he wants within the limits of the law. Instead, he chooses to spend a period of his life to try and make your life better if elected as potentially our next president. Think about that!

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