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Trump internal memo RIPS establishment “idiotic attacks remind voters why they hate DC”

Bingo Jack!

Last week, the mainstream media had one function, and that was to paint the Trump Campaign has had the “worst week ever.” It was on all the stations, mostly on all of the conservative radio shows that back Sen. Ted Cruz and on many of the anti-Trump websites, mostly on our side (if you vote Republican).

most of you will agree on these types of attacks can weigh on a person but Trump has… Click to Tweet
Most Americans who use common sense watched and let the clown media walk waving their flags knowing their parade wouldn’t last. For the most part, the media still doesn’t know how to deal with Trump. They continue to use tactics subject shift, innuendos, and false narratives. Thank God many of you have awakened to this, but there are many who just don’t have a clue.

All of the candidates are flawed. Trump might not be a “pure” conservative, but he’s not Republican Governor, who is blatantly pushing liberal agenda points such as a pathway to citizenship and common core. He’s not a DC Politician, who swears he’s not part of DC while using religion as a way to reach out to the masses while bearing false witness every time he gets a chance.

From The Washington Post:

“So this week the media and the Washington establishment bashed the campaign with energy yet ever seen against a Republican candidate,” Bennett wrote. “You name the medium, and it was dominated with Trump attacks.

“The media themselves couldn’t wait to label the week, ‘the worst week ever.’ D.C. pundits scurried to the networks to proclaim that the end was at hand for Donald Trump.”

“[It is] yet another pathetic display by the so-called experts who line their pockets at the expense of our candidates and causes,” he said, according to the newspaper’s report.

“America is sick of them,” Bennett added. “Their idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the Washington establishment. Donald Trump 1, Washington establishment/media 0.”

Hopefully, most of you will agree on these types of attacks can weigh on a person but Trump has been here before. Being part of the media for over 40 years, you have developed some thick skin to know what’s coming.

With over half of America already voting, Trump leads in states won, the total amount of delegates and millions of voters more than his counterparts. The only thing to stop him right now is a major breakdown on his part. The media can’t bring down Trump like they usually do with other Republicans.

Yes, I’ve heard “Teflon Don”, but I think it’s more than that. Trump has put his life out there for many to see, and while you have been inundated with his negatives the last few months, he also has a lot more successes.

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h/t – Washington Post


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