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Trump leads both Kasich, Cruz in latest head-to-head matchup poll!

Donald Trump has spent millions of his money to run in this race. The RNC allowed him to run Republican. And now not only has it turned their back on him they have been actively sabotaging his campaign! How sad that they don’t see that millions of people now see them as the liars, cheaters and frauds that they are!

From Politico:

In a head-to-head matchup between Trump and Cruz — with Kasich voters re-allocated to their second choices — the Manhattan real-estate mogul earned 46 percent support, compared with 37 percent for Cruz and 12 percent undecided. While the Texas senator drew slim advantages among tea party supporters, white, born-again evangelicals and those describing themselves as very conservative, Trump drew far greater support from voters who described themselves as somewhat conservative, moderate or liberal, as well as among men, women and those 45 years and older.

With Cruz supporters shifting to their second choices, Trump would have a large lead. Fifty-six percent said they would vote for Trump, with just 25 percent opting for Kasich and 13 percent undecided. More than seven-in-10 (71 percent) of tea party supporters said they would vote for Trump over the Ohio governor, along with strong majorities in every demographic and ideological group, including those describing themselves as moderate or liberal.

You would think the establishment would be thrilled to have a candidate who is sweeping the nation…You are truly a leader, with a passion for this country that is unparalleled. The only fault they have with you is that you would take away all their cushy status, and make a difference…you might even balance the budget…oh no!

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Let’s get off of Cruz’s sexual conduct. I wouldn’t put it past the established political operatives to have “leaked” these stories to the Enquirer to make it look like Donald leaked them, to misdirect the electorates attention to stupid scandal instead of focusing on pressing, important issues of security, corporate greed and job loss, truly corrupt politicians. Cruz is desperate.

If Cruz did have affairs, it just demonstrates what we already know. He’s a lying hypocrite like the rest of the career politicians.

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h/t – Politico

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