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Trump Now Leads Clinton by 7 points in Iowa 46%-39%

I’m completely and utterly confused. How can a candidate for president who is under two active FBI criminal investigations even be able to continue campaigning at this point?! Have we no decency as a nation?! She’s making history alright, and not in a good way.

We have been slowly programmed to accept things the way they are for a long time, then along came a man named Donald Trump who has awakened us and has brought fresh air into our lives to use our God given the power to think for ourselves and to stop being afraid of being politically correct.

To make a real change in our country that God has blessed so many years, we need to end the corruption that has crippled us; It won’t be an easy task, but it won’t be impossible either. Vote Trump/Pence 2016 and let us all take part in healing our country, and bringing God back home to us.

Now here comes the good news! Trump is now leading Clinton by seven points in Iowa!!!

From Des Moines Register:

Donald Trump has surged to a 7-point lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton among Iowa voters, firmly establishing the Republican presidential nominee as the favorite to win the state’s six electoral votes on Tuesday.

Trump is the top choice for 46 percent of Iowans who have already cast a ballot or plan to do so on Election Day, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, compared to 39 percent who say they’re for Clinton.

That makes the state Trump’s to lose, political analyst Amy Walter said.

“The bigger surprise on election night would be if he lost Iowa, not that he won it,” said Walter, national editor at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

To Walter, the numbers suggest Iowa Republican leaders’ support of Trump is helping sway Republicans and independent voters, who are undeterred by questions about his character and temperament. Such factors are critical, she said, because Trump’s path to the White House likely depends on an Iowa victory.

“Donald Trump can’t afford to lose Iowa, and Hillary Clinton can,” she said. “There are multiple paths for Hillary Clinton to get to 270 electoral votes, and many of us who are watching the map have expected that Iowa may not be part of that calculus for her.”

Ronald Reagan won the 1980 general election in a landslide despite trailing as much as 8% behind Jimmy Carter in some mid-October polls. The polls are rigged toward Hillary, just as they were for Carter.

DO NOT accept the result of the election if she is declared winner. No way she wins without massive fraud and collusion from the highest office, and that office has been disgraced.

In the end, THE biggest problem was that Hillary violated way too many laws in setting up that homebrew email server at her home with a not-properly-patched version of Microsoft Exchange Server, of all things!

You’d think that they could have contracted with a good web hosting company to run a highly-managed Linux email server hosted on a server farm, something that would have been extremely difficult to hack into because there are admins that do nothing but keep the email server protected with hardware based malware protection and the latest update to the email server software.

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