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Trump Releases Statement About 2005 Audio Leak; Here Are My Thoughts

From Donald J Trump:


Let me give you my thoughts about this situation:

I have heard the audio, and I am not happy with the conversation that took place, but as a man, I do understand the nature of the conversation. There are many people that will listen to the audio and try to discern if Trump was joking or if he were serious. Social media is going crazy over the audio and transcript provided by the Washington Post, who released the story this afternoon.

Trump in his press release apologized for making the remarks, but we do know the media will push this until election day and play it every hour on the hour to try to sway voters.

Would I or have I ever said what Trump said in? Probably. Men do say things like this beyond women as women do say things about men in the absence of men. Do men and women speak vulgar about each other in private? Unless you are a practicing monk, priest or dedicated to your faith and live a pure, clean life, then you probably won’t.

Billy Bush caught this on audio and allowed it to be released to the media. Now, what was said in private is amplified. Will Trump lose support among his following, I am not sure? Will he gain any? I am not certain about that either.

I do know for sure, Hillary and Bill Clinton have done way worse publicly than what Trump said in supposedly a private setting while the bus doors were closed. Think about that for a second.

I fully support Trump for President Of the United States over Hillary Clinton and her life of criminal acts and hurting the American people. That’s how I look at it.

Let me know what you think below in the comment section below.

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