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Trump Responds To Media Polls Giving Unelectable Hillary 12-point lead!

Key point– Trump has dropped–but Clinton didn’t gain, so this is a one-sided shift.

Here we go with the criminal media trying to Jedi mind trick us into thinking Hillary will win this election. Again failing to remind itself that this “Dry Hobo Jerk” is not going to work. Backing her only proves how criminally insane this country is becoming.

Backing her means you WANT the “refugees” to come en masse and destroy the US even more. You want Barack’s agenda to continue. So really it’s either you are too stupid to see the destruction coming, or you want it to happen, there is no middle ground here.

Donald Trump had every right to respond to the new numbers as he did. I would honestly tell all of you to screw the polls and keep pushing Trump’s message and the future of the United States.

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From The Hill:

Donald Trump on Sunday dismissed a poll that shows rival Hillary Clinton leading him nationally by 12 points.

“The @ABC poll sample is heavy on Democrats. Very dishonest – why would they do that? Other polls good!” the presumptive Republican nominee tweeted.The ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Clinton with 51 percent support among likely voters, compared to Trump’s 39 percent.

The poll was conducted among a random national sample of 1,001 adults reached on cell phones and landlines,according to the Post.

Here is a fact: If Hillary gets to be President, she will pack the Supreme Court with extreme leftists, the borders will be wide open and flooded with Democrat voters so that no Republican will EVER be elected President. We will have a one-party government, and the nation will become just like Venezuela. Her rule will be enforced by all the Federal departments and agencies that have been armed to the teeth with weapons and ammunition even including the Department of Education, FEMA, and EPA! We will have lost our Republic.

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